Sean’s Story

This story is based on a real life situation. Its aim is to help you recognize the many forms sexual exploitation can take.

Sean is a 16 year old high school student, currently attending alternate school. One day, while Sean was meeting his drug dealer, he met an older guy named Greg. Greg asked Sean if he was interested in making some extra money fast.

Sean was super excited by this as he was having a hard time making money. He and Greg made plans to meet up that evening at Greg’s apartment.

Sean met Greg at his apartment that night. Greg offered to pay Sean for sex. Sean was fearful, but the amount of money being offered was too good to turn down. Greg reassured him they could take it slow, and that nobody would ever know.

This continued on for Sean and, as he got more comfortable, he started meeting other older men. Sean eventually got extremely tired from lack of sleep and decided to get help from a drug and alcohol counsellor. When he stopped using he got help from other supports, got on a Youth Agreement and started work in a grocery store.