Sasha’s Story

This story is based on a real life situation. Its aim is to help you recognize the many forms sexual exploitation can take.

Sasha, an aboriginal youth from Prince George, decides to move to Vancouver to finally meet her boyfriend, Jesse, that she met online. Jesse is amazing and all that Sasha has ever wanted from a guy. He treats her like a princess; taking her for dinner, on shopping trips and making sure she has everything she could ever want and need. After a few months of living together Jesse confronts Sasha about the amount of money he has been spending on her. Jesse tells Sasha that he has maxed out his credit cards to provide the gifts for her.

Sasha feels responsible for his debt. Jesse tells Sasha he needs money and needs her help to earn it. Jesse sets up a date for Sasha telling her he needs her to hang out with his friend for a few hours to earn back some of the money. Sasha is super fearful and nervous about the situation but Jesse reassures her that everything will be totally okay. She doesn’t need to worry at all. Sasha reluctantly agrees to meet with his friend. On the date Sasha is forced to preform sexual acts. Sasha returns home where Jesse tells her that he has more dates set up. Sasha refuses to go on the dates and tells him she will get a job to pay off the debt. For the first time, Jesse punches Sasha in the face and tells her she will do what he says. Sasha stays with Jesse because she fears for her own safety. The violence and dates continue. Eventually Sasha reaches out for help. Together she and her Youth Worker put a plan in place to get her away from Jesse.