Carrie’s Story

This story is based on a real life situation. Its aim is to help you recognize the many forms sexual exploitation can take.

Carrie has just started high school. During her first week she was invited by a few of the senior guys to a party on Saturday night. Carrie told a few of her girlfriends as the boys had asked Carrie to bring her friends.

Carrie and her friends went to the party telling their parents that they were all at each others’ homes having a sleep over. The party had lots of booze that was being offered for free. Carrie and her friends felt pretty cool as everyone at the party was at least a year older than they were.

It was getting late into the night and Carrie noticed one her friends, Sarah, hadn’t returned from the washroom. About half an hour went by, Carrie started to get really concerned. She decided to go looking  for Sarah.

To Carrie’s shock she opened the bedroom door to find Sarah passed out on the bed with a guy performing sexual acts with her. 3 other guys were videotaping the entire thing on their cell phones. Carrie freaked out, the guys left and she got Sarah out of the bedroom and out of the house.

Carrie and her friends didn’t want to tell their parents what had happened as nobody knew that they were out and they didn’t want to get in trouble for lying. All the girls made a pact not to tell on each other.

Carrie and her friends showed up to school on Monday to find that the video from Saturday night had been shared and everyone in the school knew what had happened.